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We will be responsible for providing support and advocacy to clients throughout the entire claims process. This includes helping clients understand their rights and responsibilities, providing guidance and feedback on the claims process, and providing assistance with filing and tracking claims. We will also work to ensure that clients are treated fairly and their claims are processed in a timely manner. We will provide support to clients by keeping them informed of status updates and any changes in the process, and by responding to any questions or concerns they may have. Additionally, we will work to negotiate with insurance companies to ensure the best possible outcome for each claim.


Once your vehicle is in our shop, our experienced staff will inspect it for both visible and hidden damages. Our certified repair technicians will ensure that your vehicle is restored to its original condition and will provide you with a peace of mind. We will provide you with a comprehensive estimate and work with your insurance company to ensure that all repairs are covered.


We understand how important it is to provide accurate and reliable frame repairs. That's why our Celette measuring system is the most accurate and advanced technology available. It's designed to measure your car's original alignment and ensure that any repairs made to the frame are perfectly precise. We use this system to accurately measure the body geometry of your vehicle and compare it to the manufacturer's specifications. This ensures that your vehicle is returned to its original condition and is safe to drive.


As part of our i-Car Collision Repair Gold Class certification, we are certified to handle structural and non-structural aluminum repairs. Our technicians have been trained and certified in aluminum welding, weld-bonding, and rivet-bonding. Additionally, our shop features the latest technology and equipment required to properly repair aluminum vehicles.


At our shop, we use the Glasurit 90 line of paints to ensure a quality finish on all cars, including high-end models like BMW and Mercedes-Benz. We also use the same high-quality base coat used at the plant to hand spray ultra-luxury cars Our technicians are certified and trained in the use of the 90-Line system to ensure a superior repair.


Let Arroway Auto Body take care of your end of lease repairs. Our certified repair team has the experience and expertise to quickly and cost-effectively repair door dings, scratches, dents, etc. We understand that lease returns can be an expensive time, so we offer competitive rates to ensure that you get the most out of your lease. With our help, you can avoid costly charges from the dealership. Contact us today to learn more about our end of lease repair services.


With our 24 hour towing service, we can pick your car up wherever the accident occurs. Most importantly, we make sure you get home safely.